As customers make payments they update or correct their contact information. This updated information in saved your customer database. There are two options when it comes to updating customer information in your database as part of the payments flow.

  1. Auto update latest information as the customer changes it
  2. Approve updates before saving it in your customer database

Auto update latest customer data

In this option any updates your customer makes while making payments are automatically updated in your customer database. For ex. A customer receives an invoice and their mobile number and address is mentioned incorrectly. While making a payment the customer corrects this information. This information is automatically updated in your customer database. This only occurs if the online payment for the invoice is successful.

The default setting in your account is to save customer update automatically. This setting can be viewed by navigating to Settings -> General Settings menu option. In this page, under the Customer management section, the Auto Approve toggle when set to Enabled saves the customer information automatically.

Approve updates to customer data

In Data Configuration -> General Settings under the Customer management section the Auto Approve toggle should be Disabled. Once this setting is saved the updates made by your customer are presented to you for approval. 

To view the data you need to approve navigate to Contacts -> Customer -> Pending Approvals. You will see a listing of customer data values which have been changed by a customer during payment. You can view the old and new value in each line item. And approve the value that needs to be updated.

Using this method you have complete control on the values that are being updated in your customer database at all time.