Navigate to the Requests -> Bulk Upload Transactions

On the Bulk upload offline payment screen there are two simple steps you need to follow to upload all your offline customer payments at once. Firstly download the Excel format for you to enter all your payment details by clicking Download format which is under the header Step #1 - Download & Fill excel sheet.

Once the Excel sheet has been downloaded, open the sheet to start inputting your payment details. The first field Invoice ID is the unique identifier for the invoice that you want to settle, this can be found from Reports -> Invoicing -> Invoice Details under the System # column. Next start filling in the payment details such as Paid date, amount, mode of payment, payment details and finally under the Notify column decide if you would like to send the customer a receipt for this transaction.

Once you are satisfied with all the details entered save the Excel sheet, navigate back to the Swipez dashboard and click Step #2 - Upload filled sheet. Here you need to click the Select file button, navigate to the location on your computer where the Excel sheet was saved, select it and click on open. Next click the Upload button to move this data to your Swipez account.

Next, Swipez does a few basic checks and informs you if there are any mistakes in the Excel sheet uploaded. If there are, you can correct these in the original Excel sheet and re-upload it as per the earlier step. Once your sheet has been successfully uploaded it will be displayed in the Bulk uploads's list section. The status of the same will be marked as Processing as this is where we do our magic. Once processed the status will be updated as Review. In this stage you can double check all the transactions created before you finalize them. 

How to perform Actions on your transactions before finalization and approving them 

In the Bulk Upload transaction under Step #2 you will see the uploaded sheet, click the Actions button to perform various functions on your uploaded sheet.

Download sheet

Using this option you can download the original transactions sheet you have uploaded if you need to make any changes. 

View transactions

Click the View transactions option to preview all the transactions for a final check before you want to approve them. You can also choose to edit or delete individual transaction entries directly from here.

Re-upload sheet

Select the Re-upload option if you have made changes to the original sheet and want to replace it with your revised copy.

Delete Sheet

If you want to completely remove the uploaded sheet and start from scratch click on Delete sheet.

Approve transactions

Finally, if you are satisfied with the preview of the offline transactions you have uploaded click on the Approve transactions option to finalize these transactions and settle the respective invoices.