Create a subscription to send auto-generated recurring invoices at a frequency that suits your needs. 

Create a subscription for recurring invoices

To create a subscription navigate to Collect Payments -> Create Subscription from the dashboard.

Select the invoice format you want to create the subscription for from the Select format drop-down list. You can also create a new format by choosing the Add new format option from the list.

Invoice information for subscriptions

In the Invoice information section, add the customer details for the subscription. Select Customer to choose the customer you want to create the recurring invoice subscription for. You can also add a new customer by clicking on + next to the Select Customer field.

Customer details like Customer code, Customer name, Email ID, and Mobile number will be automatically added once you select a customer. The customer details accurately reflects the information curated in the customer database.

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Customize your subscriptions

In the Subscription section, customize the frequency of the recurring invoices and the details of the subscription. 

The Mode of the subscription defines the time period within which you would like to send invoices to the customer. You can choose to send recurring invoices Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly.

The Repeat every field helps you define the interval between two invoices created according to selected mode. If you have selected the Mode as Monthly and set the Repeat every field as 1, then  one invoice will be created and sent to your customers every month.

Similarly if the Repeat every is set to 3 for a Monthly mode, then an invoice will be created and sent once every three months.

Start on is the date you would like to start the subscription, i.e., start creating and sending recurring invoices to your customer. This field is equivalent to the bill date of the invoices created by the subscription. 

Due date is the due date you would like to add to the invoices of the subscription. Summary gives you the payment cycle for the recurring invoices created by the subscription.

For example, if you have created a Monthly subscription with a frequency of 3 months that starts on 1st Jan 2022 and is due on 28th Feb 2022. Then an invoice will be automatically created and sent to your customers once every three months with the bill date as the first of the month and the due date assigned as 58 days post the bill date. 

The first invoice created by the subscription will be sent on the 1st of January 2022 for which payment will be due 58 days later, which is the 28th of February 2022. 

The End section lets you define the nature of the subscription. You can choose when and if you want the subscription to end or the system to stop sending invoices to the customer.

  • By selecting Never you can ensure that the subscription does not end. Recurring invoices will continue to be created and sent to your customer until the subscription is either edited or deleted.

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  • Occurrences lets you customize the number of recurring invoices created by the subscription.

For example, if you select 10 then ten invoices will be created and sent to your customer, in accordance to the Mode and Repeat every frequency you have chosen.

  • End date lets you add an end date for the subscription. The subscription will create and send invoices according to the Mode and Repeat every frequency you have chosen until the end date.

Add particulars for the invoice for which the applicable taxes will be auto-calculated in the Add taxes section.

Click on the Save & Send button to save the subscription created for the customer.

You're all set! Your recurring invoices will be created and sent automatically according to your subscription. 


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