Navigate to the Data Configuration section of the dashboard.

Upon clicking on the data configuration tab a drop-down menu should appear.

Under the Data Configuration drop-down menu, the following are visible:

General Settings: This section consists of all general settings for your Swipez account such as adding your invoice sequence, setting customer code to auto-generate, etc. To know more click here.

Suppliers: Manage all your suppliers along with their contact details in this section of the dashboard and also keep track of them and assign their details to an invoice if needed, Click here to read more.

Products: Add your products & services for easier & quicker invoicing. Select the product from the drop-down menu and send invoices to your customer with ease. Click here to read more

Tax: Add various kinds of taxes you require to bill for your extensive list of products and to simplify your billing process, Click here to read more.

Coupons: Wish to provide coupons and discounts to your customers, Click here to know more.

Roles: Assign roles and limit access to the Swipez dashboard to your employees based on their departmental requirements. To know more click here

Sub Merchants: Provide your employees with a sub login ID and assign the required roles to their login, ensuring your employees are viewing only what you wish for them to view and access. To know more click here.

Covering Notes: Add your own customized covering note to the payment requests that are sent to your customers via email. Click here to know more.

Access Keys: Wish to integrate your Swipez account along with other platforms and Softwares used by your company. Use the access keys provided in this section to do so. Click here to know more.