To create or update an invoice number sequence go to Settings -> Invoice Sequence.

There will be one invoice sequence number already present with the Prefix INV- and the Current number set to 0.

How to create a new invoice sequence number

There are 2 steps to start using a new invoice number within your invoice formats.

  1. Create an invoice sequence number
  2. Assign new invoice number sequence to your invoice format

Steps to create a new invoice sequence number

In the above recording, we have shown how to create a new invoice sequence number. The Current Number in the above example is set to 100 i.e. any invoices created with this sequence will start with invoice number FY/20-21/101 then the next invoice gets the invoice number FY/20-21/102 and so on.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Invoice Sequence.
  2. Go to the Invoice sequence numbers section
  3. Click the Add new button
  4. Add your invoice number prefix in the Prefix column and add the number you want to start from in the Current Number column. If you set the Current Number to 100 then the new invoice will be assigned with the number 101.

Assign new invoice number sequence to an invoice

After you have created an invoice sequence number you can assign your invoice number sequence to your invoice. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Go to Collect Payments -> Create Invoice -> Edit Format
  2. Open the invoice format you want to add the invoice sequence number to by clicking the button Edit Format
  3. In the Invoice Information section under Billing Details click on Add custom field button
  4. In the Field property dialogue select Data type as Text
  5. In the Column name add the name you want for ex. Invoice number
  6. In Functions select Invoice number and under Type select System generated
  7. In the Auto-generate sequence field select the sequence you have created and click Save
  8. In the Final summary section of your invoice format click Save

With this, you have assigned the new invoice number sequence to your invoice format. Now any invoice created with this format will get an auto-generated invoice sequence number.