To access these reports navigate to Reports ->  Invoicing

Invoice Details

This report has a record of all the invoices that have been generated through the Swipez software. Here you can get a detailed view of your invoices which include Invoice number, customer details, billing cycle details, billing dates, status and total amount.

The Invoice Details report is a robust view of all invoice information. To filter this data as per your requirements there are a few advanced search criteria available.

There is the ability to search by date range, customer, franchise, vendor, billing cycle and customer groups. This report has an additional search functionality where you can even search for bill based on their status, such as paid, unpaid, paid offline, failed etc. 

Through the invoice details report you can also download an excel export of the data you have searched for by clicking on the excel export button.

From the invoice details report, you can also download bulk PDF's of upto 99 invoices. This PDF can also be used for bulk printing of invoices.

Estimate Details

The Estimate Details report has detailed information of all estimates that have been generated from the Swipez software. This report has similar functionality to the Invoice Details report.

Aging Summary

This report gives you a birds-eye view of payments that will be received through raised invoices along with a breakdown of how many days till you receive the payment from your customer. 

In this report as well you can change the search criteria. You can search for invoices from a particular date range and also customize the number of columns you would like displayed with the relevant interval of days.


In the above example, the search criteria has been filtered by range and 4 additional columns have been added with a day range interval of 15 days. The result displayed hence ave 4 additional columns which are 1 to 15, 16 to 30, 31 to 45 and >45 and each of them have an interval of 15 days. 

Aging Details

This report gives you a view of invoices that are outstanding and also gives you the amount of days since these payments have been pending.

You can also filter your data by date range, populate the aging details by bill date or due date and by customer.

In the above example we filtered the data as per date range and the Aging by using due date. Hence the results displayed show invoices that are outstanding and the number of days past their due date.

Payment Expected

This report gives you a top-level view of how many invoice payments are to be expected within a particular date range. Results are displayed in intervals selected through the search criteria.

Tax Summary

The Tax Summary report is a brief overview of your businesses tax liabilities. It contains a breakup summary of taxation amounts that correlate with invoices generated using Swipez.


Tax Details

The Tax Details report contains data of all tax deductions on an invoice level. Here you get a detailed view of all the tax components and their break up for each invoice that has been generated using Swipez.