Swipez billing software provides you with an accurate and real time view of all collections made by you business. To view the reports login to your Swipez dashboard and click on the Reports tab.

Get a detailed view of your collections 

The Collections tab has a host of reporting that gives you a detailed view of all your payment collections and deductions across multiple modes and platforms.


Invoice Payments

The Invoice Payments report gives you a detailed view of all customer payments received through the invoicing functionality. This report contains all the relevant details pertaining to a payment including payment reference number, Invoice number, Customer details, Payment date, payment mode, amount etc.

All Swipez reports come with advanced search criteria functionality that helps you filter through your payments using specific search criteria.

You can select multiple criteria to filter your data such as date, customer name, franchise name, vendor name. There is also the ability to add extra details of the payments to the report by selecting the relevant column name required such as email, mobile,narrative etc. You can also get a payment report for an customer group by selecting the relevant group from the drop down provided. To know more on how to add a customers to a group. Read more.Once you are satisfied with your criteria selection hit the Search button to populate the report. These reports can also be exported to an excel sheet for convenient working by clicking on the Excel export button.

There is also the ability to conveniently search through your reports straight from the Swipez dashboard using the search box. Simply enter the search string and you will be displayed the relevant data.


Website Payments

This report is used when you are using the Swipez website builder or have integrated Swipez payment services directly to your website, application or software. You can access payment details across multiple payment platforms on one central dashboard. These report can be exported to excel as well using the excel export button.

Plan Payments 

This report is specifically designed for Internet service providers that use the Swipez plan fucntionality for billing. To know more on how to add plans. Read more. This report contains pertinent information for ISP's such as transaction reference number, customers user ID, customer details and the plan they have selected.

Payment Link Transactions

The direct payment received report has a detailed view of all customer payments received using Swipez's direct pay link functionality. To know more on how to create a direct pay link. Read more.

Ledger Reports 

The ledger report contains customer account summaries, including details of every debit and credit transaction made for a customer.

TDR charges

The TDR charges report gives you a view of all deductions made to payments received online. Which include bank transaction charges, GST on TDR's, refunds, customer chargebacks and shows you the final amount that will be received in your bank account.