Access a host of different reports to evaluate your payment collections from a single dashboard.

Navigate to the Collections tab under Reports to view all reports that pertain to collections of your business.

  • Invoice Payments — Get a detailed report on payments received for invoices created and sent through Swipez. Review details like the method of payment, the amount paid, TDS, and more. 
  • Website Payments — Navigate to this tab to get reports on payments that have been received using Swipez partner payment gateways directly from your website or third-party software. 
  • Plan Payments — If you are an internet service provider and have used Swipez's Plan functionality to list your available plans and to collect payments from your customer, details of those transactions can be found in this report. 
  • Payment Link Transactions — Get a comprehensive overview of all customer payments made via Swipez's Direct Pay links. 
  • Form Builder Transactions  All your form builder transactions are available for you to review in this report.

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  • Ledger Reports — Navigate to the Ledger Reports section to get a synopsis of a customer's financial activity with your business.
  • TDR Charges — Get a detailed view of all deductions made to your customer payments including payment gateway transaction charges and GST.

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