Navigate to Settings option in your left hand side menu.

Under the MANAGE USERS section click on Logins

In the top right corner of the page, click on Create Sub merchant button.

The resulting page requires you to fill all details of the Sub Merchant (User/Employee) you wish to provide a login ID and access to. Enter all details such as the email ID of the employee, password & password confirmation (user can log in later and change his/her password, click here to learn how), name of the user, their contact details and the role you wish to assign to them.

To know how to assign roles to a user click here

Assign customer groups to a user login

A user added as a team member can be assigned a group of customers they have view. This useful in scenarios where you would like specific team members to view only certain section of customers and their bills. This way you can segregate customer and bills and allocate them to specific users within your organization.

To do this, select the customer group you would like to assign to the new user. To learn how to group your customers click here

Save team member login

Click on Save, post that you will be able to view details of the new user and the new users status would be unverified.

Once the Email is verified the status switches from Unverified to Verified sub merchant as shown in the images below.


With this you have added a new user who has access to your Swipez account.

To learn how to create new roles and assign the role to your sub merchant click here