Navigate to the Apps option on the top right corner of the screen and select the Payouts app. (If you wish to know more regarding the Payouts solution click here.)

Navigate to the Contacts option within the dashboard, select the Beneficiaries option & click on Bulk Upload.

Follow Step #1, Download the excel sheet format by clicking on the Download format option. Step #2 Upload the filled sheet by selecting the filled excel sheet and clicking on the Upload button.

Once the sheet is uploaded it shows a saving status which takes around 3-4 minutes, post that refresh the page & the sheet which you just uploaded will be visible in a review stage, Click on the ⋮ button & choose if you would like to view the beneficiaries, delete the sheet, re-upload it or approve the beneficiaries, Post clicking on approve beneficiaries it takes 4-5 minutes for the beneficiaries to get saved within your account.

You're all set! Click here to learn how to make bulk payouts.