Navigate to the Settings tab of the dashboard.

Click on the Settings tab and navigate to Data Configuration. Select the Tax option from the menu.

Under the Tax list the different applicable taxes with their percentage values should be visible.

You can create a new tax value by clicking on the Create tax button on the top right corner of the screen.

Add details such as the Tax name, Tax Type from the drop-down menu like CGST, SGST, IGST, Other, etc., the Percentage of the tax, and a Description of the tax.

The different tax types that will be auto-calculated and applied when creating invoices are:

  • CGST— Add the applicable CGST rates for your items of sale. You can customize the details like tax name, percentage, and description.
  • SGST— Add the applicable SGST rates for your items of sale and customize the details of the tax slab.
  • IGST— Add the IGST rate applicable on the items of sale that you import into and export from India. You can add further details like percentage, description, etc.
  • Other— You can customize the amount on which the tax is to be calculated. You can choose to calculate taxes on the Base amount, which is the invoice amount without GST. You can also add a tax slab to calculate taxes on the Grand total, which is the invoice amount with GST.

  • Fixed tax amount— You may need to include a fixed value tax on your invoices on occasion. In such cases, select Fixed tax amount as the tax type and add the amount applicable to this tax slab on the Create tax screen.

Once you have added the information, click on the Save button. The tax values will be added to your Tax list


You're all set! Click here to learn how to create an invoice.