Using the Invoice tab you can check the details of all transactions made by your customers using Swipez's invoicing functionality. 

You can filter through transactions using a defined search criteria such as a date range, Billing cycle name or invoice status. For example if you would like to see invoice transactions that have been paid online , select the paid online filter under invoice status and hit search.

By clicking the Actions button you can view the relevant transaction invoice, receipt and resend the payment receipt to the customer.

Direct Pay

If you have collected payments from your customers using Swipez's direct pay links, click on the Direct Pay tab to get detailed information regarding these transactions.

Using the Actions buttons you can also view the receipt that has been generated for this transaction and resend the receipt to the customer if needed. 


If you are using the Swipez website builder or have integrated our partner's payment gateway into your website or software you will be able to see details of all transactions that customers have made on the Swipez dashboard. For your website or software you can also configure the integration to pass on additional fields in the report which get configured under the Udf (User defined Field) Headers.

Form Builder 

For customers that are using Swipez's form builder functionality to collect customer information and payments, the Form Builder tab allows you to view details of all information collected as well as the details of the payment transaction.

Under the Actions section you can choose to view information that has been filled in the form by clicking on the form button.

Additionally you can also view the payment receipt, resend the receipt to your customer or initiate a refund.


If you are an internet service provider using the Plans functionality to collect payments from your customers, details of all transactions can be found under the Plans tab. 

Using this view you can get details of the plan as well as payment that your customer has made. The Actions section allows you to view the relevant invoice that has been auto-generated as well as the payment receipt and initiate a refund. To know more about how to setup Plans read more.