Create a reminder schedule as per your requirements to notify your customers of payments due. Send payment reminders via SMS and email. 

Customize reminder schedule for invoices

To create a new invoice format and enable the Customize reminder schedule plugin, read...

To enable Customize reminder schedule in an existing invoice format navigate to Settings -> Invoice Formats

Select the invoice format you want to enable the deductibles plugin for and click on the Actions ⋮ button next to the chosen invoice format.


Choose the Edit option from Actions ⋮ button. Scroll down to the Plugins section of the invoice format and click on Choose Plugins to enable the plugin.

Against the Customize reminder schedule plugin click the toggle to switch it On and close the plugins window.

The Plugins section of your invoice format should show the Configure reminder schedule section.

Default reminder schedule

According to the default reminder schedule, invoice payment notifications are sent to your customer on the following days:

  • Day the invoice is created
  • 3 days before due date
  • 1 day before due date
  • On the due date

For example, if an invoice is created on the 1st of July, 2022 and has the due date set as 15th of July, 2022, the default reminder schedule will be:

Reminder date When in the invoice cycle ?
1st July 2022 Day the invoice is sent
12th July 2022 3 days before due date
14th July 2022 1 day before due date
15th July 2022 On the due date

Customers receive reminders for only unpaid invoices.

Customize reminder schedule to suit your needs

You can personalize the reminder schedule as per your requirements in the Configure reminder schedule section. You can change the days on which the payment reminders are sent to your customers in the Days before due date column. 

You can add customized Reminder email subject and Reminder SMS text which your customers will receive when notified about payments due via email and SMS.


You can also a reminder date to your schedule by clicking on the Add new row button.

Click Save in the Final summary section to save your invoice format with the customized reminder schedule. Invoices sent with this invoice format will have automated payment reminders sent to your customers as per your customized and defined schedule.

Send an invoice with customized reminder schedule

To send an invoice with the customized reminder schedule, navigate to Collect Payments -> Create Invoice

Select the invoice format you want to create an invoice with and add the details of the invoice. 

Scroll to the Plugins section of the invoice where the Custom reminder plugin will be enabled.

Review and/or edit the schedule as per your requirements.

Click on the Preview invoice button in the Final summary section to review the details of the invoice. Click on the Save & Send button, if the invoice meets your requirements.

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