To create and manage franchise information, navigate to Contacts -> Franchise -> Create Franchise.


Create new franchise

On the Create Franchise page, enter the details related to the franchise. Add information like Franchise company name, Contact person name, Email id, Mobile no & Address.

GSTINPAN & Aadhaar Number are optional fields that help you capture additional information related to your franchise. 

Create Franchise login

To enable franchise login, click on the toggle to switch it on.

Scroll up to provide your franchise owner a login to view their invoices and payments. Add Login Email and Password for the franchise. 

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Assign role to the franchise from the drop down list. Click on the + button, if you want to create and add a new role.

 To know more about how to create and add roles & provide access to your account, read... 

Use the Secondary contact section to set up alternate contacts from your franchise organization. Add the secondary contact's name, email, and mobile number

In the Bank details section, add information for the bank account associated with the franchise. Add bank details like bank account holder name, account number, bank name, account type, and IFSC code for the franchise.


Enabling payouts for your franchise

To enable online funds transfer to franchise/vendor contact

Post that, under the Franchise Settlements section, enabling the toggle button sets up your franchise for payouts via Swipez.

Commission type — There are 2 types of commissions supported.

  • Percentage based commissions are used to share a percentage of the amount collected via an invoice.
  • Fixed commissions are used to share a fixed amount collected via an invoice.

Commission (% or Rs.) — Percentage or value of the commission

Settlement type — There are 2 types of settlements supported.

  • Manual mode presents the commissions to be paid out for you to approve. After reviewing the calculated commissions you can make the payouts to your vendors.
  • Automatic mode makes the payout as per the commissions set as soon as your invoices are paid.