You might want to make changes to your company details and KYC information. To make edits to your profile information navigate to Update profile under the Company settings tab in the Settings section on your dashboard.

You can edit the information under the different sections, Personal details, Company details, & Documents & Bank details as per your requirements.

Personal Details

You can make changes to your contact information like your First name, Last name, Email & Mobile number. Notifications will be addressed to the contact details once the profile is successfully updated.

Company Details

Edit the different fields to change the company details information. You can change the Company type, Entity type, Company PAN, GST Number, Address details for the company like City, Zipcode, and more.

Documents & Bank details

Edit the Documents and Bank details to make changes to your bank account information. Upload supporting documents to make the changes. 

Your bank details will be automatically modified to reflect the information in the updated supporting documents. Your edited bank details will be taken from the canceled cheque uploaded and hence that field does not allow typing within it.

Upload other supporting documents by clicking on the Choose File option for which no files have been added.

Click on the Update doc button for which you want to change the document. You can also View doc to review the supporting documents that are added to your profile.

Click on the Update button once you have made the required changes. The information for your account will be modified and updated accordingly. 

Book an expert

For queries or assistance setting up your business account with Swipez, schedule a free onboarding session where we take you through the process. 

From your dashboard, simply pick a date that you want and pick a time from the drop-down list according to your convenience. Click on the Schedule Demo button and a member of the Swipez team will get in touch and walk you through the onboarding process in less than 15 minutes. 



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