Navigate to the Data Configuration section of the dashboard.

Upon clicking on the data configuration tab a drop-down menu should appear, select the Coupons option from the drop-down menu.

Upon doing so a Coupon list should be visible wherein you can view details for & delete all your created coupons.



To create a new coupon click on the Create coupon button on the top right corner of the screen. After doing that a new page will open requesting for information such as:

Coupon Code: This is the code that is given to your customer and he uses it to redeem a discount on the product being offered by you.

Coupon Description: This gives details of the coupon, for example, Get a 25% discount on all summer courses.

Start Date/ End Date: This sets the validity period for the coupon. for example, you would like to avail customers with coupons that have a limited time validity to enable quicker payments.

Number Of Coupons: This shows the number of coupons that are to be created. (To provide unlimited coupons let the number remain as 0)

Coupon Offer Type: This lets you select whether you would like to provide a coupon with a fixed amount as a discount, for example, Rs. 100 or a percentage such as 10% on the invoice amount.


You're good to go! Click here to know how to enable the coupon plugin within an invoice.