Default customer database structure


Navigate to Settings & select the Customer Structure tab under the Contact Settings menu.

To help you set up your customer database, there are a set of basic default fields which are already present in your Swipez account.

Customer code — Customer code is a unique identifier for your customer record. This helps to uniquely identify every customer in your database.

There are 2 options to set your unique customer identifier:

  1. Let the Swipez system generate one for you. You can simply choose the subscript for ex. CUST as shown in the image below.
  2. In case you already have a unique identifier to identify your customers then you can continue using the same value too. You only need to make sure that the identifier is unique. For ex. Some ISP/Utility firms use their customer's mobile number or user-id as the unique identifier.

Customer Name, Email, Mobile Number, Address, City, State and Zipcode are the other fields already present in your Swipez customer database.

Add custom fields to your customer database structure

Need more fields other than the default ones already provided? In the Custom Fields section click on the Add field button to create fields as per your requirement. To do this you need to select a Datatype and provide a name to your field in the Column name text box. Datatype's supported are:

Text — To store string values viz. Company name, PAN number, etc.

Text area — To store large text values like address fields viz. Alternate address

Number — To store integer values viz. Age, alternate mobile number, etc.

Date — To store date values which can be entered via a date picker.

Password — To store passwords for your customers. This can be used to password protect your plans and package pages i.e. Only a customer authenticated with their password can view your plans and package pages to make payments. Read more.

GST — To store the GST number of your customer.

Once you have added the fields you need, click Save to update your customer database structure.