Navigate to the Apps section on the top right corner of the screen and select the Billing & online payments option.

Navigate to Contacts, Click on Bulk Upload under the Customer section., Download the format and upload the same to enter the details of the customers who are to be billed.

Once the sheet is uploaded, Simply click on the button, view customers to confirm details added & click on Approve customers.

Move forward by navigating to Collect Payments -> Bulk Upload

Download the Excel bulk invoice upload format

The first step to generating invoices in bulk is to download an Excel version of your invoice format. You can download an existing template from the Created templates section by clicking the Download sheet button. If you don't have an invoice template and would like to create one click on the create a new template button in the Bulk upload request section under Step # 1 - Download invoice excel sheet. To know more on how to create customized billing templates for your business. Click here.

Filling multiple customers invoice details in the Excel sheet

The second step in this process is to fill in all the details for the invoices you would like to create in the downloaded Excel sheet.

Here you will need to fill in details such as the customer code, bill date, due date, description of the goods or services provided, absolute cost, taxable amounts and finally if you would like to send these invoices out to your customer via email and SMS enter 'Yes' in the Notify patron column. Once you have filled in the relevant details to your satisfaction save the Excel sheet.

Upload and preview your invoices before you send them to your customers

In this final step, you need to upload the created Excel sheet onto the Swipez platform. Navigate back to the Swipez dashboard and click Step #3 - Upload filled sheet. Here you need to click the Select file button, navigate to the location on your computer where the Excel sheet was saved, select it and click on open. Next, click the Upload button to move this data to your Swipez account.

Next, Swipez does a few basic checks and informs you if there are any mistakes in the Excel sheet uploaded. If there are, you can correct these in the original Excel sheet and re-upload it as per the earlier step. Once your sheet has been successfully uploaded it will be displayed on the Bulk uploaded payment requests page. The status of the same will be marked as Processing as this is where we do our magic. Once processed the status will be updated as Review. In this stage, you can double-check all the invoices created before you finalize them. Once this process is completed, Navigate to the Automate your GST Filing section from the Apps menu and continue.

Click on Invoices, Select the Upload Data option and choose Move Swipez Invoices as the option.

Now Search using the Date range criteria provided, you will be able to view the invoices and using the Tickbox you may select the invoices you wish to move to file for GST, Post which you need to click on Move Invoices to GST and move the desired invoices.

You're all set! Learn how to File for GSTR-1 or GSTR-3B.