Navigate to the Settings section of the dashboard.


The Settings tab contains all of your account's main settings, such as Billing & Invoicing, Data Configuration, Contact Settings, Company Settings, Manage Users, and Personal Preferences. You can customize the various settings of your account from a single dashboard.

Billing & Invoicing

Create invoice format — Customize industry-approved invoice templates to suit your requirements. Add custom fields and details to your invoice formats.

Invoice formats — Choose from previously used invoice formats and use them as a template to generate new invoices.

Invoice sequence — Add sequence numbers for your invoices/estimates when creating recurring invoices.

Covering notes — Add covering notes to your invoices and estimates.

Digital signature — Add digital signatures when creating and sending your invoices/estimates.

Billing Profile — Create and manage multiple billing profiles with applicable GST information.

Data Configuration

Manage the details regarding your accounts data such as-

Inventory — Add new items of sale whether it is a product or service to your growing inventory. Manage all the details of your inventory including applicable GST rates and available stock on each item from a centralized dashboard.

Tax — Manage the various applicable tax rates for different items. You can also create a new tax rate according to your requirements.


Plans — If you are service provider, you can create new plans that your customers can choose from.

Coupons — Create and add coupons to your invoices/estimates. 

Suppliers — Create and manage all your suppliers from a central dashboard with details like contact information, industry type, etc., available.

Unit Types — Customize unit types for each item of sale whether it is a product or service.

Product Category — Manage the different products/services according to their category.

Tally Export You can import your billing, invoicing, and GST filing data into Tally, with one simple export.

Contact Settings

Customer structure — Add and manage customer details like customer name, contact information like email, phone number, address, etc. You also auto generate customer code for each customer and add additional information like their GST number.

Customer settings Customize customer settings like auto approval or payment reminders sent to customers for invoices.

Company Settings

Update profile — Add and manage the details of your company profile such as contact information, GST information, CIN, PAN, and other identity and financial particulars.

Company website — Create and manage your company website with customizable company logo and URL.

Package details — Track your profile's package details, like number of invoices created and sent, its duration, number of customer notifications sent, etc.

API keys — Set and manage API keys with a secure two-step verification.

Manage Users

Roles — Create and manage roles so that you can share access to your Swipez account. You can assign or restrict access to different features and their functions for different roles at your discretion.

Logins — Create separate logins for different roles to ensure both ease of access and security.

Personal Preferences

Notifications — Receive notifications via SMS and/or email when your customers make a payment on their invoices. You can choose to disable notifications for received payments.

Password reset — Manage and reset your profile password as frequently as you want. 

Information shared and stored with Swipez is strictly confidential.