Keeping an updated company profile page helps with the following:

  • You may use the link of the company profile page as a website link, and send it to potential and present customers or other stakeholders.

  • Pay my bill tab on the company profile page can be used by your existing customers to view their pending invoices that have been raised through Swipez and pay the amount online.

  • The company profile page is also linked to your company name on the invoices generated through Swipez. When a customer clicks on the company name, he/she is redirected to the company profile page which has all the business details

To create / update your Company profile, navigate to the Settings option from the left hand side menu.

In the Settings screen under COMPANY SETTINGS click on Company profile.

The company profile page has 4 tabs where you can add you company information. The tabs provided are:

  • Home
  • Policies
  • About us
  • Contact us


  1. Home – Fill in the company and display name, website (if available), short description in the overview column, etc. In the display URL field, the name of the company should be filled in without adding any space. For example, xyzindia. The Display URL field is used to create a link for your company on Swipez https://www.swipez/m/xyzindia 

  2. Policies – Under this section, the user needs to specify both the terms and conditions and the cancellation and refund policy of the company.

  3. About us – Description of the business, products/services, management team, etc.

  4. Contact us – Mention the merchant’s office address, contact number, and e-mail ID.

Once the information is saved using the Save button, you may view the company profile page by clicking on View company profile button in the top right corner of the page.

Pay my bill tab will be displayed automatically once the company profile has been created.

Your Company profile is all set up, Feel free to copy the page link and send it to potential and present customers as a website link.