Navigate to the GST tab on your Swipez GST dashboard and click on the Invoices section.

You will then be taken to the GST invoice list page where you need to navigate to the Upload Data button on the top right-hand side of your screen and click Upload invoices.

Next, you will be redirected to the Bulk upload your invoices to the Swipez cloud page. Here you can select if you are an Amazon or Flipkart seller select the download sales file from your respective platform and click on Upload.

Once you hit the Upload button your file gets uploaded and goes into a processing state for 3-5 minutes where Swipez checks for any errors on the sheet.

Next is the review stage where, before you approve all your invoice and credit note entries on the uploaded sheet you can perform a few actions on it. To do so click on the Actions  button. 

The actions available in the review stage are as below.

  1. Download Sheet - Here you can download the uploaded sheet to check on the entries and correct any entries if there are discrepancies.
  2. View Invoices - Before you approve your sheet and the invoices entries in it you can check a list of the entries.

Here you can also choose to delete a particular invoice if you choose to before you finalize your upload.

3. View credit note - Here you can get a list of credit notes raised that are in the uploaded sheet. You have the option of deleting a credit note if it is not a valid entry.

4. Approve sheet - If all the entries including sales invoices and credit note are accurate you can click Approve sheet to upload all your data.

5. Delete Sheet - If you have made a mistake and uploaded an incorrect sheet, hit the Delete sheet option to remove your upload and re-upload the correct sheet.

Once you have checked all the data in the sheet uploaded during the review stage and are satisfied with it click the Actions  button and select Approve sheet to upload the invoice data to the Swipez software for GST filing.

After 3 minutes the status of this sheet will be moved to 'Approved'. This means that all your invoices have been uploaded to Swipez and you can begin the filing process.

The process to Upload your stock transfer sheet is completely identical, Wherein you upload the stock MTR report and follow a similar process as mentioned above.

That's it! you have uploaded all your e-commerce sales data on Swipez and you are ready to file GST and stay compliant.