Click on the Events list option under the Events drop down list. You can filter your events depending upon the search criteria entered by you.

To view the attendee's list of your active events, click on the Actions ⋮ button beside your active event.

Upon clicking the Actions button a drop-down menu should appear. 

Click on the Attendee's list option from the drop-down menu. A new tab should open up with the details of the attendees of the event.

You can filter through the attendee's list using the From date, To date, Package name, and Occurrence fields. Click Search to see the results as per the search criteria. 

The rows as shown above give you a comprehensive overview of the bookings that were made.

ID: This ID is the event booking ID and is unique for each booking whether paid online or offline.

Transaction ID: This is the transaction ID associated with the payment made for the transaction and can be identical for multiple attendees depending upon the number of tickets purchased by the payee.

Package Name: The name of the package associated with the attendee is shown in this column and helps in viewing the packages bought by the payee.

Amount: This shows the amount paid by the payee for the event.

Paid by: This column gives you the name of the payee and will be reflected on the ticket/seat for the event.

Customer Code: You can view the customer code for the payee in this column.

Availed? This column shows you the status of the payee's attendance for the event.

You can download the attendee's list in an excel format by clicking on the excel export button on the top right corner of the page.