Import customer data in bulk with a few quick and simple steps. Save time and eliminate any errors that may be introduced due to manual input.

Bulk upload customer data using excel sheet

Upload customer data

Navigate to Contacts -> Customer tab from the left hand side menu and click on the Bulk Upload option.

Click on the Download format on the Bulk upload customers page to download an excel sheet. 

The downloaded excel sheet will contain the different columns to capture your customer information. The columns will reflect your customer structure and the various fields of customer information that you need.

If you have added custom fields to your customer data structure, those columns will be present in the downloaded excel sheet. 

To know more about adding custom fields to your customer data structure, read...

Add your customer data into the columns of the downloaded excel sheet and save your changes.

Select file to choose the sheet with the filled data that you want to upload, and click Upload.

Review uploaded data

Once uploaded, the updated sheet is visible under the Bulk upload's list section with its status as Processing. Click on the Actions ⋮ button if you want to make changes to the uploaded sheet. You can Download sheet, Re-upload sheet with any necessary changes, or Delete sheet.

It takes about 2-3 minutes for your uploaded sheet to be processed and its status to change to Review.

Click on the Actions ⋮ button to make changes to the uploaded sheet. Download sheet lets you download a copy of the sheet, while View Customers lets you review the uploaded data.

If you notice any errors you can download the sheet, make corrections, and Re-upload sheet before you save the customer data into your Swipez customer database. 

You can also Delete sheet if you want to delete the uploaded data.

Once you are certain about the accuracy of the uploaded data and are ready to store the information in your Swipez customer database click on Approve customers.

Confirm to save the customer information in your database and the status will change to Saving .

It takes about 4-5 minutes for your approved customer data to be Saved in your account. 

Your customers will now be visible in your Customer list. You can review the whole list, navigate to Contacts -> Customer -> Customer list.

Bulk upload customer data using APIs

Using an existing system which already stores your customer data? Use the Swipez APIs to sync your customer data into the Swipez customer database. Swipez API support are JSON based REST API calls.

Create customer API details

You can create and customize your customer data structure as per your business requirements on Swipez. To know more, read...

To get your JSON structure for your customer structure navigate to Settings -> Customer Structure  and click on Download JSON -> Save Customer v1

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