Importing customer data into Swipez is simple. Importing data in bulk saves you time and eliminates any errors that may be introduced due to manual input.

Bulk upload customer data using excel sheet

Learn how to import customer data into Swipez in a few simple steps.

Upload customer data

  1. Navigate to Contacts -> Customer -> Bulk Upload tab from the left hand side menu.
  2. In the resulting screen, in the Bulk upload customer section under Step #1 - Download & Fill excel sheet click Download format.
  3. This will download an excel sheet onto your desktop. This sheet will contain columns as per your customer structure. In case, if you have added custom fields in your customer data structure, these columns will be present in your excel as well.
  4. Add your customer data into appropriate columns in the downloaded excel sheet.
  5. Next click on Step #2 - Upload fill sheet. Select the file you just added data into and click Upload.

Review uploaded data

After you have uploaded your updated sheet the sheet is visible under the Bulk upload's list section with status as Processing.

It would take about 2-3 minutes for your uploaded sheet to processed and its status to change to Review.

Before you save customer data into your Swipez customer database you can review your uploaded data. This allows you to correct or update any errors you may find before saving your uploaded data to your Swipez customer database. To do this, click the Actions button in the last column and click View customers option. This will display the customer you have uploaded.

Using the Actions menu you can update your data using the Re-upload sheet option or delete the uploaded data using the Delete sheet option.

If you are ready to store your customer data into your Swipez customer database use the Actions menu and click Approve customers. This will change the status to Saved and within 4-5 minutes your approved customer data is saved in your account. Your customers will now be visible under Contacts -> Customer -> View Customer menu option in the left hand side menu.

Bulk upload customer data using APIs

Using an existing system which already stores your customer data? Use the Swipez APIs to sync your customer data into the Swipez customer database. Swipez API support are JSON based REST API calls.

Create customer API details

In Swipez, your customer data structure can be created as per your business requirement. Read more.

To get your JSON structure for your customer structure navigate to Settings -> Customer Structure  and click on Download JSON -> Save Customer v1

Create customer API documentation - read more.