Navigate to the Settings section on the dashboard.

Upon clicking on the Settings tab all your account related settings will be displayed in the right window pane, select the Products option from the Data Configuration  listing.

A product list consisting of information such as the product name, product type (i.e Goods/Service), and the ability to edit, delete these products should be visible in this list.

To add a new product to your product list, click on the Create product button on the top right corner of the screen, after that, a page opens wherein details for the product need to be mentioned such as whether the product is a good or a service, Name of the product, price, HSN/SAC Code, Unit type, description of the product and lastly the taxes applicable on the product. Post filling these details click on the Save button to save these product details.

You're good to go! To see how to add your tax values into your Swipez account click here.