Navigate to the Settings section on the dashboard.

Click on the Inventory tab under the Data Configuration list to review the different services & products you have added in your previous invoices.

The Inventory lists the different items of sale along with relevant information like Type (Service/Product), HSN/SAC codeSale Price, etc. You can also edit or delete the details of the different items. 

Click on the Create Product/Service button on the top right corner of the screen to add new items to your growing inventory.

You can add new products with information such as;

  • Type- You can specify the item included in the invoice as a product or service.
  • Name- Add names for the different products/services included in the invoice.
  • HSN Code- A simple search provides HSN codes for different products along with applicable GST rates.
  • Sales Information- Add sale price for the items along with a description* (optional). You can also set up and manage your growing inventory by adding product photos and purchase information for future accessibility.

You're good to go! To see how to add tax values click here.