Automate notifications for your team and suppliers about invoice payments by activating the Supplier plugin in your invoices.

To know more about creating and adding suppliers to your Supplier List, read..

Add supplier notification to your invoices

Navigate to Collect Payments -> Create Invoice  -> Select/Edit Format or create a new invoice format

Scroll towards the end of the format and click on Choose Plugins from the Plugins section. 

Enable supplier notifications by switching the toggle to ON.

Create invoices with supplier notification

Navigate to Collect Payments -> Create Invoice and select the invoice format of your choice and click Select.

Add the details of the invoice and scroll towards the end of the invoice. 

Click on the Add new row in the Add supplier section to select the suppliers you want to notify from your supplier list.

Preview your invoices

Click on the Preview invoice button in the Final summary section to review the details of the invoice. 

Click on the Save & Send button, if the invoice meets your requirements. Or, click the Update invoice button to make the necessary changes. 

The suppliers you have chosen to associate with your invoice format will receive e-mail notifications when the invoices created using the format are paid by the customer.  

If you choose to discontinue supplier notifications, simply Select/Edit Format and turn the toggle OFF for the supplier plugin. You can also remove particular suppliers from the invoice format to ensure that they don't receive the e-mail notifications of payments collected. 

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