Online transactions can fail for several reasons. The customer will be informed the moment a transaction fails with a message on the platform. Merchants can view the transaction status by navigating to the Transactions tab where they can also check the reason for a failed transaction by hovering on the failed symbol in the Status column.

A transaction receipt is sent only once the payment has been successfully received.

In certain cases, money is debited from the customers account but the transaction still fails. This can happen for multiple reasons such as the bank servers didn't respond, lack of internet connectivity,time taken to complete the transaction etc. For these transactions we have customary checks that are put in place. Swipez continuously checks the status with the payment gateway over a period of 24 hours during which if the status is updated to successful, a receipt is sent to the customer and the status is updated on the merchants Swipez dashboard. 

In all cases once a failed status is updated on your dashboard for a particular transaction, you can ask the customer to re-try their payment.

Alternatively if you have any queries related to failed payments feel to mail us on from your registered email and provide us with the customer name, email and mobile. Our team will check the status of the transaction and revert with 2 working days.