Navigate to the Settings section of the dashboard.

You can configure all the settings for your account from a single dashboard.

Billing and Invoicing: Customize all of your Swipez account's billing and invoicing settings, such as creating and changing invoice formats, adding invoice sequences, covering notes, and digital signatures. You can also create and manage different billing profiles for your invoices.

Data configuration: Manage your inventory, tax details, plans, coupons and suppliers from a single dashboard. Add product details like unit types, product category for ease of invoicing. Import your Swipez billing, invoicing, and GST filing data into Tally with a simple export.

Contact settings: Manage and edit your customer structure as per your needs. Capture customer details that are relevant to your business. Enable communication preferences with your customer.

Company settings: Update your company profile including details like GST number, contact information, bank details for online payments etc. Manage your company profile to share with your customers, check your Swipez subscription details and get the credentials required for API integrations. 

Manage users: Assign roles and restrict access of your Swipez account for your employees. Give your team members access through their own dedicated logins.

Personal preferences: Manage communication preferences for your customers as well as yourself and reset your Swipez account password through this section. 

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