Navigate to Settings on your dashboard and click on the Package details option under the Company Settings tab.

The Package details page shows you all the information related to the package purchased or currently activated within your account.

You can get a snapshot view of all the Features of your package and their Status.

Package Info gives you details of the package currently activated. The kind of package it is and the features that it supports. 

Package duration shows the time period for which the package is valid and available to use.

Invoices shows you how many invoices can be created and sent with the package. You can also view how many invoices have been created with the package and the remaining number of invoices.

SMS Service gives you a view of the number of SMSes that can be sent via the package, how many have already been sent, and the remaining number of SMSes that the package offers.


You can change the package you want to avail by clicking on the Upgrade your Package button on the top right-hand corner. You will be redirected to Swipez's Pricing page where you can view the different packages on offer. 

Select the package you wish to avail and make a payment for the purchase. Your package will be accordingly upgraded with the features included in the new package.





If you want to simply refill the SMS service for your current package, i.e., increase the number of SMSes that can be created and sent with your current package, you can do that too. Click on the Buy Now button below the status for SMS service to buy more SMSes for your package.


To know more about adding SMSes to your current package, read...

The Packages bought section of the Package details page gives you the payment details of the Swipez packages you have availed. Details related to the previous & current packages bought by you are visible here.

Transaction ID for the different packages you have availed, along with corresponding the Package name. The Amount you have paid for the package and the Payment date. The Receipt for the same is also accessible.


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