Navigate to the Requests -> Invoices / Estimates.

Once you are on the individual payment requests page you can start by searching for your created invoices or estimates using the Change search criteria filter. You can search using a particular date range, billing cycle name or request type.

Once you have located the particular invoice or estimate you need to work on, click the Action button to pull up a list of actions you can perform on that request.

Through the Action menu there are a host of functions you can choose to carry out on your invoices or estimates. 


View Invoice

You can open and check your created invoice or estimate by clicking the View Invoice button.


If you have received a payment for an invoice or estimate through an offline mode and not one of Swipez's convenient online payment options you can keep track of that by clicking on Settle.  

The Settle functionality lets you keep track of the payment details for a particular invoice or estimate to ensure your bookkeeping is completely accurate. On the Offline payment pop up you can input payment details such as the transaction type, reference number, date , amount etc. You can even choose to send your customer a receipt for an offline payment by toggling the Send receipt to customer button. Finally if you have received a part payment for an invoice and want to track the payment but keep the invoice open click the Save Partial Payment button.Alternatively if you have received a full payment and would like to close the invoice click on the Settle Invoice button.


You can also to edit a created invoice or estimate by selecting the Edit option. On the Update a payment request page you can make the relevant changes and click on save. Once saved there is no need to share a new link with your customer as the existing link itself gets updated. 


Using the comments function you can add notes to your invoices for internal communications between your multiple teams or personnel.


If you would like to completely delete an unpaid invoice for any reason click Delete in the Action menu.

Copy Invoice Link

Use this feature if you need to copy the web URL for a particular invoice to be shared with a customer via other communication modes.

Share on Whatsapp

The share on Whatsapp feature enables you to quickly share your invoice with customers using your own Whatsapp account directly from the Swipez dashboard.


The actions that can be performed on your estimates are very similar to those for the invoices barring one major difference which is mentioned below.

Convert to Invoice

Once a customer approves your estimate, the next step is to generate a tax invoice which can be used for accounting and payment. Simply click the Convert to Invoice option in the Action tab, choose if you would like to send the invoice to your customer and click on Submit. Its that easy, Swipez will generate a tax invoice based on the estimate details.




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