The Swipez GST software provides a comprehensive GST platform for your business that helps you stay GST compliant.

From the GST software dashboard you can connect to your GST account to Swipez for ease of filing, move sales invoices for periodic filing, file GSTR 3B and GSTR 1, view your GSTR 2 and view GST reporting.

Connect to your GST login

To make GST filing simple for your business Swipez has connected to the GST portal via API's. This enables you to get a live connection between the Swipez GST filing software and you GST portal account. This will help in transferring your filing data from Swipez directly to your GST portal account. Read more  

GST filing for regular businesses

Swipez GST filing software for non e-commerce businesses is the complete GST solution. Upload all your sale invoices through bulk along with your purchases entires. Create your GSTR1 and 3B drafts using this data in a matter of minutes that get submitted directly to the GST portal. Read more.

GST filing for e-commerce sellers

E-commerce sellers have the perfect tool to stay GST compliant. Simply upload your sales report sheets downloaded from your e-commerce platforms in a few seconds. Verify and recheck the data that you have added, add your purchase entries and submit your drafts and summary to the GST portal for filing. Read more.

File GSTR3B 

Submit your GSTR3B returns with just a few clicks. Prepare your sales summary as per your invoice listing, add your debit & credit notes, make your purchase entries and file your data directly to the GST portal. Read more.

File GSTR1

Prepare your GSTR1 draft as per your invoices, add your purchases and debit or credit notes and submit all your invoice data with just a few click directly to the GST portal. Read more.

Viewing ITC 

View details of all input tax credit attributed to your business within minutes. Reconcile all your purchase data and ensure your vendors have filed their returns which entitle you to GST credit. Read more.

Extensive reporting


With Swipez you get a set of exhaustive GST reporting. These reports give you a detailed view of you various GSTR3B, GSTR1 and GSTR2 filing data. There are 7 different reports to help you keep on top of your GST compliance. All of our reports come with search filters and excel export functionality. Get detailed description of reports and their usage. Read more.

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