Follow the simple steps to create a new customer record by entering your customer information into an easy to use form.

Navigate to the Contacts section, click on Customer, and select the create customer option as shown in the dropdown menu below.

Enter system fields such as

Customer Code: This is a unique code to help in the identification of a customer and to distinguish customers with similar fields. This code can be set to auto-generated wherein you can select your customer code prefix and the system will automatically add each customer code with the selected prefix in increasing order.

If you wish to manually enter the customer code that is also a preference provided. To know more about how to manage customer management settings read more.

Customer Name: The name of the customer is to be inputted while keeping in mind that no special characters such as &,@,%,* are allowed.

Email & Mobile Number: The customer email ID & mobile number are to be entered in a valid format. The email ID & mobile number should be accurate because these contact details are used while sending invoices and payment links to the customer.

Address: The address details of the customer is to be added along with additional information such as the customer's city, state, and zip code.

Enter Custom Fields as per your industry requirement and ensure that you capture all details required for you to provide a better service to your customer. To know how to set your custom fields click here.

Once details have been added click on save to save the customer within the dashboard, post this a screen will be visible showing a pop up mentioning that the customer has been saved successfully and the details of the customer will be visible below.

Now that you know how to create a customer learn how to upload multiple customers in bulk and how to send an invoice.